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Color: A Mood Changer

By Deborah Yonick

If you thought that I-Phone or BlackBerry or yours was the best communication tool you have, think again. The colors you surround yourself with everyday actually possess high levels of energy frequency and strong vibrations that can change actions and cause reactions, set moods and alter states of mind. How clever is that Smartphone now?
       Throughout history, colors have been used to communicate messages, symbolize personality traits, and open our chakras to inspire a healthy mind, body and soul. But unlike the ancient Egyptians who were often dipped in vats of colored pigment or took to ingesting ground up gems to heal, uplift, balance, and attract—all we need to do is wear the colors that make us feel good.
       Perhaps the best messengers of color communication, chock full of energy deep-rooted in our earthly home, are colored gemstones. Because gems are created by nature, human beings have historically felt a primal link to their energy. In fact, belief in gem powers has survived for nearly 5,000 years. And, with such a variety of options to choose from in each color family, gemstones provide us with many ways to illuminate our personal aura and express our individual spirit.
       Colors are intimately tied to all aspects of our lives. They solicit feelings and stimulate our senses. Our response to color is a primitive one, often more emotional than intellectual. Therefore, our color choices are very personal. In fact, they change throughout our lives, so that the colors we gravitate toward speak volumes of where we're at any given time. Color has a major impact on the way we see ourselves, and the way others view us.
       What does your favorite color say about you? And, which gems are the perfect ambassadors to represent your colorful traits?

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