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A multitude of influences are inspiring the hottest trends in apparel this fall, and colorful gem-set jewelry provides a wealth of options for true fashionistas who know how to accessorize.

For the coming season, fashion designers have spun renditions of styles in key decades including flapper looks of the 1920s; high-waisted skirts, crisp blouses and sharp-shouldered jackets of the 1930s; simple silhouettes in georgette tea dresses and ruffle-trimmed chiffon blouses of the 1940s; flirty hems, belted waists and fluted sleeves of 1950s film star femmes fatales; hippie colors of the 1960s on cardigan shifts, flowing tunics and bubble-shaped coats; striped scarves, knitted skullcaps and pea coats in 1970s university wear a la "The Graduate;" and urban metallic glitz of the 1980s with leggings and off-the-shoulder sweaters reminiscent of "Fame" days. Juxtaposed to lady-like styles are Katherine Hepburn-inspired menswear - running the gamut of garb a woman can don.
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