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Gem Enhancement

A crystal fragment from deep within the earth, a raw natural creation…No other treasure of the earth has inspired man's desire to capture and possess its extraordinary beauty like a gemstone. The spell a gem casts over the imagination is so powerful, it has also inspired us to free its beauty from imperfection and to mold its shapes and colors for adornment and to express our individuality.

For thousands of years, man has fashioned uncut gem specimens into faceted and cabochon shapes. By experimenting with cutting techniques that enhance the play of light across their surfaces, we have coaxed brilliance and fire from deep within. A fine cut gemstone offers the full array of nature's intricate beauty, highlighted by the skill of the lapidary's art.

In addition to gemstone cutting, over the centuries we have developed countless other methods to improve upon the natural properties of gemstones. These techniques are known as enhancements . They derive from our desire to draw from nature's bounty the truest and purest color and brilliance.

A basic understanding of these enhancement techniques will add to your appreciation of the beauty, durability and value of gemstone jewelry.

To find out more about the enhancements of individual gemstones, select a variety from the list below:

Amethyst & Citrine
Cultured Pearls
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